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FRHR-100N/P Parts

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FRHP-01NG Gas Control Valve comes with thermostat – NG
FRHP-01LP Gas Control Valve comes with thermostat – LP
FRHP-01WR Gas Control Valve no thermostat
FRHP-02NG Pilot Assembly – NG
FRHP-02LP Pilot Assembly – LP
FRHP-03 Pilot Line (1999-2003)
FRHP-03A Pilot Line (Current)
FRHP-03WR Pilot Line (for use with WR Control)
FRHP-04 Thermocouple
FRHP-05 Burner Assembly (for old FRH-100)
FRHP-05RLP Burner Orifice LP (Current)
FRHP- 05RNG Burner Orifice NG (Current)
FRHP-06LP Burner Orifice LP (for old FRH-100)
FRHP-06NG Burner Orifice NG (for old FRH-100)
FRHP-07RLP Burner Assembly – LP (Current)
FRHP- 07RNG Burner Assembly – NG (Current)
FRHP-08 Stainless Emitter Grid (for old FRH-100)
FRHP-08R Stainless Emitter Grid comes with shield and feet
FRHP-09 Tip-over Switch comes with wire
FRHP-10 3/8" Low Pressure Fire Line comes with Flare Nuts
FRHP-10WR 3/8” Low Pressure Fire Line comes with Flare Nuts (for use with WR Control)
FRHP-11 Reducing Nipple 1/2" x 3/8"
FRHP-12 Safety Screen Assembly (Two required)
FRHP-13A Single Stage Regulator-LP come with POL
FRHP-13 Two Stage Regulator – LP
  Results 1 - 25 of 52 1 2 3