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F150 & F375 Parts

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S-01 POL with excess flow check
S-02 High pressure regulator
S-03 20 ft hose assembly
S-04 ¼” brass street elbow
S-05 ¼” Gas strainer – ¼" MNPT x ¼" FNPT
S-06 Baso safety valve (aluminum body)
S-07 ¼” steel nipple
S-11 Low fire orifice for F-150 or F-375
S-12 Thermocouple-18”
S-13 ¼” B.M. street elbow
S-14 ¼” B.M. tee
S-23 Thermocouple-18”
S-24 Main orifice for F-375
S-25 Burner head for F-375
S-26 Burner mount clamp for F-375
S-29 Fan motor for B-375 fan assembly
S-30 Fan blade for F-375 fan assembly
S-31 Motor mount clamp for B-375
S-33 ¼” coupling (steel or brass)
S-34 Safety valve (brass body)
S-38 1/8” FP x ¼”MF connector
S-39 Low fire line c/w flare nuts for F-375
S-40 ¼” MP x ¼” MF orifice holder
S-41 ¼” steel nipple
S-42 Main orifice for F-150
  Results 1 - 25 of 37 1 2