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F-400T Parts

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S-400 1/3 HP motor
S-401 Fan blade
S-402 Regulator
S-402FS S.S. filter screen for F-400T
S-403 Fuel selector valve
S-404 Solenoid valve-24V
S-404A Solenoid valve-120V (Current)
S-405 Burner
S-406 Flame rod
S-407 Flame rod wire
S-408A Long reach igniter
S-409 Ignition wire
S-410 High temperature limit
S-411 Off-run-start switch
S-412 Main relay
S-414 Air proving switch
S-415P Potted ignition control 120V (2002 to Current)
S-416 Thermostat
S-417 Rear legs
S-418 Front legs
S-419 Screen
S-420 Rubber wheel - 6"
S-420A Grommet
S-423 3/4" pipe clamp
S-427 Air sensing tubes (2)
  Results 1 - 25 of 29 1 2