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Barbecue Accessories

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Barbecue Accessories
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SGC-H24 Smoke hood for the SGC-60
SGC-H36 Smoke hood for the SGC-36, 60 & 72
SGC-H48 Smoke hood for the SGC-48
36GR 36" Stainless steel griddle for all SGC models
24GR 24" Stainless steel griddle for all SGC models
SGC-SS21 21" Side shelf for all SGC models
SGC-ST 21" Side shelf with tray for all SGC models
SGC-FR36 36" Front shelf for SGC-36
SGC-FR48 48" Front shelf for SGC-48
SGC-FR60 60" Front shelf for SGC-60
SGC-FR72 72" Front shelf for SGC-72
SGC-ROT36 36" Rotisserie kit for SGC-36, 60 & 72
SGC-ROT48 48" Rotisserie kit for SGC-48
SGC-WS24 24" Stainless steel windshield for SGC-60
SGC-WS36 36" Stainless steel windshield for SGC-36, 60 & 72
SGC-WS48 48" Stainless steel windshield for SGC-48
24WR 24" Warming Rack for all models
SGC-SP12 Steamer pan & bracket for all SGC models
SGC-SB Stainless steel smoker box for all models
  Results 1 - 19 of 19 1